Nature in a Bottle

KFF’s strength and core stems from nature and our ability to transform it, using state of the art technologies, into a delectable product with a diversified range of usages.

Taking advantage of our rich and fertile Delta region, we have carefully established our plantations and facilities to provide the freshest products, cultivated all year round, with the highest quality to match our clienteles’ standards.


Crop Table
Essential Oils
Concretes & Absolutes
Botanical Medical Extracts

Spa Oils
Distinguished Clients



Essential Oils



Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their variety of uses from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual uses. Here in KFF we have perfected the catalyst’s role, where we offer nature to the world in its most concentrated and precious forms. Backed by our all year round cultivated array of plants, hi-tech distillation methods, and facilities we are able to provide our clients with premium quality essential oils.


Product Name

Artichoke Incoloree

Basil Linalool

Basil Methyl Chavicole

Blue Chamomile

Celery Herb

Celery Seed

Coriander Herb

Coriander Seed

Cumin Seed





Neroli Bigrade


Parsley Herb

Parsley Seed

Petitgrain Bigrade

Petitgrain Mandarin


Latin Name

Cynana scolymus

Ocimum basilicum L.

Ocimum basilicum L.

Mataricaria chamomilla

Apium graveolens L.

Apium graveolens L.

Coriandrum sativum L.

Coriandrum sativum L.

Cuminum cyminum L.

Allium sativum

Pelargonium graveolens

Allium porrum

Marjorana hortensis

Citrus aurantium L.

Allium capa

Petroselinum spp.

Petroselinum spp.

Citrus aurantium L.

Citrus reticulata

Tagetes spp.



Concretes & Absolutes



The demand for KFF’s concretes & absolutes has been steadily growing over the years, thanks to our extraction know how and expertise. With a reputation only to match our reputable Delta and produces, KFF’s reputation for providing some of the best concretes & absolutes worldwide has been attracting some of the biggest names in the industry, making us one of Egypt’s top concrete & absolute producers.

Apricot Absolute


Basil Eau de Fleur Absolute

Bitter Orange Flower

Blue Chamomile

Carnation Flower




Mango Leaves Absolute

 Mandarin Eau de Brouts Absolute

 Marjoram Absolute / Concrete

Olive Leaves Absolute

Peach Fruit Absolute

Petitgrain Bigrade Leaves

Petitgrain Mandarin Absolute / Concrete

Rice Absolute



Tilia Leaves Absolute / Concrete

Tomato Leaves Absolute

Violet Leaves



Botanical Medicinal Extracts



Healing through nature is a practice that has been infiltrated in the Egyptian culture since the dawn of civilization. With its countless benefits for the wellbeing of our bodies, minds, and souls along with being an indispensable part of modern medicine, it was inevitable for KFF to be a part of its world.

In KFF, and with the aid of our outstanding team, we have specialized in producing some of the most beneficial and sought out botanical medicinal extracts.


Product Name

Aloe Vera Extract

Black Seed Extract

Boswellia Gum Oleoresin

Chamomile Flowers Extract

Ginger Extract

Guava Leaf Extract

Myrrh Resin 

Thyme Extract

Tilia Flowers Extract

Latin Name

Aloe barbadensis

Nigella sativa

Boswellia sacra

Marticaria chamomila

Zingiber officinale

Psidium guajava

Commiphora molmol 

Thymus vulgaris

Tilia cordata



Product Name

Allspice Fruit

Black Pepper Fruit

Caraway Seed

Cardamom Fruit

Celery Seed

Clove Seed

Coriander Seed

Cumin Seed

Dill Seed

Fennel Seed


Nutmeg Seed

Parsley Seed



White Pepper

Latin Name

Pimenta officinalis Lindl.

Piper nigrum Linn

Carum carwi L.

Amomum cardamomum

Apium graaveolens

Eugenia carayophyllata

Coriander sativum L.

Cuminum cyminum L.

 Peucedanum graveolens (L.)

Foeniculum vulgara Mill

Trigonella foenum greacum L.

Myristica fragrans Houtt.

Petroselinum hortense

Rosmarinus officinalis, L

Thymus vulgaris

Piper nigrum Linn



Sandalwood Oil, Rose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil


Patchouli Oil, Basil Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Sweet Almond Oil


Orange Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Sweet Almond Oil


Bergamot Oil, Basil Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Sweet Almond Oil

Carrier Oils

Bitter Almond Oil
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Wheat Germ Oil