Senses Revivied

Our senses are our window to the world and tasting and smelling are the most powerful senses we have, through them we explore our world, create memories, and gain experiences. A certain fragrance can move us in time, a special flavor can elevate our mood….without them life would be bland.

With passion to all that is new, a keen eye to consumers’ needs, experience, and technologies, we are able to create unique and eco-friendly flavors and fragrances that satisify and sets our clients apart.

As part of the KFF-Client relationship, we offer our clients the chance to participate in the creation process of their own personalized products; the personal evaluation of ingredients and the direct involvement in the process gives our clients a sense of ownership and satisfaction.


Innovation Opposed to Immitation
Marketing & Evaluation
Labrotories & Applications

Innovation Opposed to Imitation

Constantly seeking uniqueness and distinctiveness we passionately dive in the creation of fragrances and flavors, turning every stone there is, from standard formulations to the exotic. This passion, supported by years of practice, sets our clients apart with personalized and tailor-made fragrances and flavors.
Consulting with our specialists helps broaden our client’s spectrum; establishes exact requirements such as ingredients, shelf life, availability of raw materials, and the product’s relevance to the market; creating a unique, high quality, eco-friendly, and cost effective product.

Marketing & Evaluation

With rapid advances in technology comes increased customer awareness and expectations, demanding innovation and quality. KFF’s highly qualified marketing and sales team penetrates consumers’ changing needs and diversified tastes, acting as the link between the market and our research team.
In KFF, where brand loyalty and client satisfaction is highly appreciated and sought for, our marketing consultancy team provides our clients with insights and understandings of consumer expectations, assisting them in developing innovative concepts relavent to their markets.

Laboratories & Application

This is where our clients’ concepts are realized; taking our client’s idea and turning it into a perfect reality is our highly trained technicians’ sole goal.
Operating under strict quality control systems and meeting international standards, our team offers our clients:

New and exclusive formulations.
Solutions to instability issues that might involve discoloration, change in odor, packaging compatibility, etc.
Improvement of the product’s performance. The investigation and development of new concepts.